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Sales Journal

Manually enter information from paper invoices (for example, sales slips from the field) or create invoices (billing) directly on screen.  Results can be printed on paper or to disk files for emailing.  Reports track aging, dunning, and all client contacts.  Billing for work creates an automatic service history for units (for example, pianos).

Reckon Wiz does not merely organize your receivables. The main emphasis in the Sales Journal is the tickler function that generates repeat business.  Each unit is marked with an automatic or manual “next service due” date.  Records are sorted by location so that you can group your work into convenient driving patterns. Reminders can be distributed by telephone, postcards, standard envelopes, and email.  There is a reminder history so you know when and how often you have contacted clients.  You rank the clients so that the most favorable ones appear at the top of the reminder-due list, geographically sorted.

Standard accounting organizes your business.  The unique Reckon Wiz client records management (CRM) system is your assurance that you will stay in business.